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Well heres whats going on....
I just Got engaged! YAY , yeah its great! so to the catch me and my mom dont get along... She always put my stepdad before me! So i told my best friend and heres where my problem comes in .....

My Mother and i have had so many problems.... thanks in big part to my stepdad... and i've lived in and out of my house since i was 15. At 17 i moved out for the final time which was in late june of this year. i now and have been living with my boyfriend, or my feance... and this is the happiest i've been my hole life!!! now while ive been with my boyfriend i've tryed to stay incontact with her and keep a relationship (( no good )) i've also tryed to keep up with my brothers spend time with them, tho she wont let me ... i cant even take them out ... and as u guess in most part cuz of my step dad... so as u see things airnt good! Now as i was talking to my friend she asked if my mom knew ... and i said no and she asked when am i gonna tell her and i said i didnt want to cuz i dont really want her there ... expcially with my step dad... but deep down inside i wanted her there and my brothers i needed her there , you know but at the same time i dont want to share that with her! whats wrong with me??? well i finally deided to tell her, i did it thru e-mail... its been 2 days and still nothing! was it wrong for m to expect her to wright me back ???? i check my e-mail all the time.... hoping even wishing for something... but i know that im nothing and i doubt that i will get ne thing !!! i wanna cry im gonna go !!!
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