____________________♥ (__sillyway) wrote in xdiverse_kidsx,

name: Jade
birthday[without year]: September 5th
zodiac sign: Virgo
location: Michigan
music: Tbs, The Juliana Theory, yes, I am a fan of Good Charlotte
book: All Harry Potter books
style: preppy I would say

government: I think that they are trying to get to involved in peoples personal lives.
voting: It's right people should have the right to choose what president, governor.. etc.. they want.
abortion: Anti-Abortion, except if you are raped it should definitly be your choice.
drugs/alcohol/smoking: drugs I personally think are wrong to do, they just ruin your body.  Alcohol, also ruins your body but, its okay to do on occasions and as long as you have control over what your doing.  Smoking, sick blaaahhh major turn off.
sex: Wait till you find the "one" or someone you are inlove with.
labels: Sometimes they are okay but, I don't think that it should seperate people.
homosexuality: It is perfectly okay and I think they have a wonderful style. 8D
racisim: I will admidt I used to be racist but, now I find that totally immature everyone is equal just because they are a different color doesn't mean anything.

where did you hear about the community? I searched under interest - secerts.
what makes you want join? This community isn't very active and I want to help.  It also seems like the people are interesting
are you willing to be active in the community & promote? Yes, of course
do you have any questions you would like to ask or suggestions? Not at the moment =)

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